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I'm Shella.

I help organizations and teams

develop their skills to

improve communication,

strengthen relationships,

and exceed goals.

Corporations, schools, sports teams, and families working to improve communication.

Do Unto Others is a Lie.

The Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Conceptually, the Golden Rule speaks to our heart and intentions (truth);
Practically, it assumes that everyone is like you (lie).

It is this assumption that often creates frustration and misunderstandings.

Shifting the focus of the lesson from the "you" to the "others," 
is the key to positive interactions, strong relationships, and amazing transformation.

We teach you how.  Let's get to work.

Let's Work Together

Executive Mentorship

Leadership Experiences

Team Transformation

Culture Consulting

Interview Observation



"When I start to apply these principles to a 6 person family like mine, it's so interesting to see that, between the family members, we cover the gamut.  It is also something that each family member could find to be useful in their daily interactions with each other."


"Acknowledging that all people do not share the same point of view was a game changer for me. I now spend less time convincing people to see things through my lens and have a renewed focus to empower my team to use their individual talents toward the greater goals of the department. Your advice resonates in multiple scenarios in the work place and at home!"


Thank you so much for presenting at our annual meeting. Because of your morning workshop, the afternoon strategic planning session was our most productive ever!  Every group was extremely engaged - which is really rare.  People were immediately able to practice what they learned and they are still talking about how it is helping them with their clients and colleagues.


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