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Leadership isn't about taking charge, it is about taking care; 
Taking care of the people who will take care of the business.

Genesis Eleven's customizable programs blend a people-centered philosophy with the "how to" steps that are often missing from many development programs.  We provide not only the reason you should - but the instruction manual you need - to increase your awareness, shift your approach, and transform your team. 


Do Unto Others is a Lie

The cornerstone of our offerings, in this program, we begin with a focus on YOU - your behaviors and what you need to feel satisfied in your interactions.  We then shift to understanding OTHERS, their behaviors and needs.  Finally, we put the pieces together and work through improving interactions through minor but intentional shifts in approach and leveraging differences to cultivate stronger teams. 

Transforming Teams

Done right, teams are the modern day family.  They have shared experiences and common goals, they accept and care about each other, they have each other's backs, and most importantly, they understand that together they are stronger than they are apart.  Learn how to assemble and cultivate a team with these dynamics by creating an environment where the majority of their work is within their natural strengths, fostering partnerships that compliment rather than compete, and encourage a culture of knowing, respecting, and celebrating each other and our accomplishments.   

Long Distance Leadership

Since 2020, students all over the world were thrown into long distance learning  - and some did it better than others.  The same is true for organizations with long-distance leadership.  If you are ready to accept that we might never again assemble on a daily basis, this course can help you embrace flexibility, provide structure where needed, build relationships without ever meeting in person, and still deliver quality outcomes for the organization.  Welcome to the workplace of the future. 

Hiring Humans

Behavior-based interviewing has become the required technique for many organizations.  However, without training, leaders often evaluate these behaviors based on how THEY would behave in a situation and not based on the behaviors that are needed for a particular role and productive team.  Hiring Humans encourages leaders to objectively consider the needs of the position before the interview and provides preference-based questions to receive more insightful responses.

Investing in Individuals

Are leaders the only important people in your organization?  Do your individual contributors believe your answer?  Investing in ALL people - not just current and up and coming leaders is essential to maintaining a consistent knowledge base and productive work force.  Not everyone is fit for leadership, and often, people who have the skills don't desire the burden (I said what I said).  In this course we will discuss our investment obligation to all our employees to keep them challenged, recognized, and achieving their personal and professional goals at different phases of their life and career.  This course is the antidote to the "great resignation."

Do Unto Others at Home

The principles learned in the Do Unto Others is a Lie program can also be applied to our interpersonal relationships.  spouses, families, committees, extracurriculars, etc.  Learn how to observe behaviors and adjust your responses to quit fighting and create harmony in your most important relationships.      

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Executive Mentorship

1:1 discussions over 6-12 months with new leaders or experienced leaders with obstacles to overcome.   

Keynote Presentations

Talks from 20 minutes to 1 hour inspiring a people-centered life that can change your family, your workplace, and the world. 

Interview Observation

A companion to the Hiring Humans course, this engagement can provide interview observation to grow interviewer skills or interview participation to demonstrate interviewing techniques and provide applicant feedback.   

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call: 216-387-0095

When I start to apply these principles to a 6 person family like mine, it's so interesting to see that, between the family members, we cover the gamut.  It is also something that each family member could find to be useful in their daily interactions with each other.

Scott P.

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